Cloud native applications: make the right call

There are many benefits – in fact there are only benefits – when applications are developed in the cloud right from the start. It’s well known that operating software in the cloud follows its own set of rules. And to make the most of them, you can make adjustments to cloud functionality, but this isn’t really recommended. That’s simply because doing so can impact the flexibility of your software, which you need to support the requirements of your business. Even if those requirements change. And ultimately, besides fail-safe operation, that’s the whole point of cloud native solutions.

Content supply chain

Customer communication: beware of false economy

Communication might be a difficult business, but communication with customers is a real minefield. The mistakes that some companies make in this respect have already been immortalized on Facebook and Twitter. The fact that digital content can spread quickly and easily doesn’t make communication with customers any easier. That’s why creating the right content is the essence of customer communication. And one of the most demanding, time-consuming tasks in your company. Because of that, the other three stages in the four-stage-plan of the content supply chain – planning, management, and distribution – must run like clockwork. 

We provide you with all the resources and programs you need for your custom content supply chain. But what’s really special is that the entire solution is available as a cloud native service: scalable, flexible, and great value for money. 

Our services

  • Analysis of your content strategy based on target audience, channel, and content format (text, graphics, video) 
  • Adaptation of services and software in the content supply chain to each customer’s individual customer journey 
  • Development of standard workflows to push personalized content for specific audiences across all social media channels on mobile and desktop devices 

The benefits for you

  • Cloud native solution for your content supply chain and central cloud storage 
  • Dynamic scalability (up and down) 
  • Pay-as-you-go billing and predictable costs 
  • Access to third-party tools for processing and transcoding 
  • Sophisticated search functions 
  • Cognitive services for automated watermarks, image tagging, and facial recognition 
  • Enhanced video quality control 
  • Integration of technical documentation in corporate communication 

Presentation on the content supply chain (in German)

Find out everything you need to know about optimizing the content supply chain in a tekom presentation by Bastian Heilemann.


Machine translation API

Machine translation: its uses are infinite!

We don’t want to name names, but there is a certain former EU commissioner who springs to mind whenever we think of the potential benefits of machine translation. Hours of satire on German television would have been prevented with a little MT! To quote Willy Brandt: “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language”. We couldn’t put it better than that. That’s why it’s important for us to know whether machine translation is suitable for your projects. To make the right decision, we scrutinize your content very carefully. Specifically, there are eight key factors that we use as a Litmus test for your MT project. If the answer is “Yes”, then there are just five steps left to your custom solution. 

We verify whether machine translation could be beneficial for your projects, and if so, in what form. After implementation, your solution undergoes continuous improvement. 

The benefits for you

  • Support for translators and a reduced workload
  • Review of potential for optimization using MT
  • Development of a custom solution in just five steps
  • Access to the cloud solution via an API and a dedicated web interface

Our services

  • Validation of your projects for suitability for MT using various criteria such as the languages and type of content 
  • Selection of the right MT solution for you 
  • You also have the option of a custom CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool connector to support translators


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Digital transformation

Moving beyond borders: at least in IT

IT infrastructures often remind us of Europe before the Euro. The globetrotters among us had to deal with a total of 19 different currencies. Fun and games indeed. In much the same way today, IT infrastructures that are poorly integrated prevent data from being easily exchanged. But modern systems don’t just simplify harmonization. The adaptability of cloud native software also protects your investments in the long term. The concept of site reliability engineering can drive automation, for example, so that your staff no longer need to spend their time on repetitive tasks. On the frontend, responsive web apps offer users maximum convenience. And all of this works across systems and across borders.

We transform your IT into a scalable, high-performance IT infrastructure with cloud native software and services. We also offer you budget certainty, with an agile contract at a fixed price. 

The benefits for you

  • New opportunities for flexible business models 
  • Forward-looking IT architecture that protects your investments 
  • Modern and scalable IT systems that support growth using cloud native software and services 
  • Increased automation as well as continuous development, integration, and deployment reduce the workload for your staff thanks to site reliability engineering 
  • Absolute budget certainty with our fixed-price, agile contract 
  • Regular feedback loops and reviews for optimum quality control and results 

Our services

  • Requirements analysis and consulting services for optimum IT integration 
  • Modernization of legacy systems 
  • Transfer of manual procedures to innovative, high-performance IT-driven workflows 
  • Transition from email-driven communication to digital collaboration platforms 
  • Web application development for high-performance responsive web apps 
  • Full-stack developers program frontend and backend solutions as well as custom software 
  • Collaboration with our Azure, observability, and operations experts 
  • Superior quality IT services 

itl Blog (in German)

We take a look at the latest developments in digital transformation in our blog.



NLP: the all-rounder of AI technology

“I don’t have enough colored pencils to explain NLP to you.” This is sarcasm, and a figure of speech that artificial intelligence, or more specifically machine learning, or even more specifically natural language processing, still has a lot of difficulty interpreting. Just like a lot of people too. However, if we leave out sarcasm, scorn, irony, rhetorical questions, or ambiguities due to missing commas – let’s eat Grandpa! –, NLP is an indispensable part of linguistic and text analysis of specialist texts. Once written and spoken language has been analyzed and classified into its component parts, it can be reprocessed and assembled to create new informative content. 

We analyze your documentation to see whether AI-driven content processing is a good match for your projects to simplify workflows and improve results.

Our services

  • Generation of consistent content using artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Term recognition and extraction 
  • Classification of texts for indexing (tagging) 
  • Voice-overs using artificial intelligence (text-to-speech) 
  • Transcription using artificial intelligence (speech-to-text) 
  • Transcription: training of custom AI models for individual voice actors 
  • Voice-overs: training of custom AI models for a particular pronunciation of certain words 
  • Training of custom machine translation engines including Delivery via API 

The benefits for you

  • Longstanding practical experience in natural language processing 
  • Improved time to market for your content 
  • Components for your content supply chain with API integration 
  • Delivery as a cloud native SaaS (software as a service) solution 

Text-to-speech: a digital reader that combines stock voices with artificial intelligence

Blog article by David Bodensohn (in German)


Connectors and interfaces

Seamless communication: with APIs and connectors

Preparation is key. How well systems understand each other, in other words how they exchange data without human intervention, depends on whether this has been facilitated in advance. An open source approach for greater connectivity is now the in-thing in IT. Application programming interfaces or APIs can help ensure that your IT doesn’t resemble Sweden with its many islands. A digital asset management system can be connected to a website CMS, or ad-hoc documents with a document management system. Content connectors can be used to link every other type of system to create a single cohesive unit.

With APIs and connectors from itl Intelligent Solutions, data can be exchanged seamlessly between different systems meaning greater automation for your translation projects.

Our services

  • REST APIs with Swagger documentation, samples, automated tests, and Postman collections 
  • gRPC interfaces for streaming and specific performance requirements 
  • Merging of multiple interfaces under one interface 
  • Large selection of existing connectors such as Contentserv, Contentful, and Adobe Experience Manager 
  • Custom Volkswagen and Skoda interface for release notes for state-of-the-art automobiles

The benefits for you

  • Seamless integration of different systems without the need for manual intervention 
  • High level of project automation thanks to the correct assignment of content sources with minimum administration effort 
  • Connection of digital asset management with website CMS systems, and ad-hoc documents with the document management system; all other systems use the itl Localization Hub translation connectors 

Side by side. The highlight of a longstanding partnership:

Connectors at Häfele (in German)



Using connectors to fine-tune the translation workflow

Blog article by Bastian Heilemann (in German)


Content delivery and SEO

A digital recipe for successful company content

Some content was just born to be deleted. Zombie content doesn’t fare much better, waiting mournfully for someone, somewhere to read it. And finally, you have the premium category – company content that people actually find useful. Or funny, or at least constructive. Like your content, for example. We know, it isn’t really any of our concern. But we would really like to know how your marketing content actually reaches your customers and target groups. And with “how”, we don’t just mean technology and channels but also how much time and money you invest in content management, in all the processes related to your company content. We think there might be room for improvement. 

We’re happy to help you configure or migrate to a modern, cloud-based content management system. And thanks to artificial intelligence, you can deliver your content as text, graphics, and video, tailored precisely to your customers. 

The benefits for you

  • Greater customer satisfaction thanks to positive communication 
  • Your audience is targeted with personalized company content and advertising 
  • Staff workload is reduced, along with medium term costs 
  • Rapid creation and delivery of company content 

Our services

  • Analysis of the requirements of your customers and development of a custom CMS concept 
  • Selection of appropriate CMS tools for your needs 
  • Configuration of a modern DevOps environment 

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