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Services are what make the difference in streamlined translation management. They give the work of a language service provider real added value. Our project leads, specialists, and consultants work all day, every day, using their unique expertise to optimize the content production and workflows of our customers. They know where technology can be leveraged to improve, simplify, or accelerate – and where even a tiny program can have a vast impact on productivity and time to market. Obviously, it’s up to the customer to decide whether or how something should be improved. But it’s important to know what the options are. After that, the choice is yours.

Workflow management

Strike the right tone

“But I thought you were taking care of it.” That’s how misunderstandings often end up getting resolved when workflows and responsibilities are not clearly defined. And it’s usually far too late when this happens. That’s when work starts to fall through the cracks. Good translations need teamwork. And so that work is properly distributed, it is essential that you have a clear description of all fundamental issues. There should be no room for interpretation. From the size of the budget, to the technology to be used and the project schedule, right through to the list of task owners, their responsibilities, and their contact information. The more detailed a workflow is, the smoother it will run.

At itl, our specialists are behind you right from the start of your project, leveraging decades of experience to find the most suitable and effective strategy for creating, localizing, managing, and distributing your content. There’s no better way to integrate localization in the content supply chain of your products.

The benefits for you

  • Seamless workflows for exceptional quality and a short time to market for content and products 
  • Streamlined project management and workflows to save you time and money 

Our services

  • Consulting services for any questions on translation management workflows and any prior or subsequent steps that might be required 
  • Support with evaluation and rollout of translation and terminology systems 
  • Implementation of effective quality assurance 
  • Consulting services on how content management systems and translation workflows interact and overlap 
  • Guidance on creating translation friendly content 

We’re happy to help

We can help you configure seamless integrated workflows.

Find out more about our workflow consulting services here:


Content supply chain consulting

Need to optimize your content supply chain? We can help with that too.


Quality management

Quality management without compromises

Sometimes translations just have to be fast. There’s no time to lose, the international product launch has already been announced. The regional offices are waiting impatiently. So, the translators are just going to have to get a move on. Really? Well, speed at the expense of accuracy isn’t our thing. If you really do need to get cracking, there are other options, such as machine translation with post-editing – but quality should always come first. Otherwise, your business and ours would only suffer. Our customers expect their projects to be handled with the greatest of care for outstanding results. So do yours. When a product is poor, who thinks: “Well at least it didn’t take long.”? Certainly not the customer.

We work in accordance with quality management workflows based on ISO 9001:2015. Our translation services are certified in accordance with ISO 17100:2016 and 18587:2018. At itl, quality assurance begins far in advance of translation and does not end until customer feedback has been implemented.

Our services

  • Selection of resources in accordance with ISO 17100 
    • Qualification of translators, reviewers, project managers, etc. 
  • Translations in accordance with ISO 17100 
  • Post-editing in accordance with ISO 18587 
  • itl quality benchmarks above and beyond what’s defined in the standards 
    • Key translators (native speakers) for every customer 
    • Quality control workflows and quality matrices tailored to the specific needs of each customer 
  • Collaboration with itl’s in-house Localization Engineering team for custom file preparation
  • Technology where required to bridge the gap between error-prone manual processes

The benefits for you

  • Reliable translation quality of a consistently high standard 
  • Advice from our itl experts on the ideal workflow for your project 
  • The perfect combination of personal advice for your projects and technology-driven workflows 

Quality is our commitment

So, how do we achieve it?


Professional translations

By experts, for experts

Using professional vocabulary allows experts to communicate easily and quickly with one another.



Leveraging automation for a closed-loop content supply chain

The worst thing about problems is not that they exist. The real challenge is when they can’t be solved. Sometimes you only realize when you are analyzing a problem just how much of a hindrance it is. For example, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense if text from your content management system has to be exported to Excel before it can be provided to your translator. With the right interface, you can transfer the data more quickly and with fewer errors. Automation can also save the day if you have projects where your voice actor is not available, but you have two sentences that need to be recorded again. Using AI, your brand voice can simply be generated synthetically, and the problem is solved. Automation is a great tool, and not just to clean things up. Of course, you don’t really need to know that. You just need to know that there’s a solution.

We have a range of automation solutions to solve your content management problems. As well as connectors that connect systems, the digital ecosystem from itl, includes AI-driven text-to-speech solutions – and that’s just the start.

The benefits for you

  • Lean translation workflows 
  • Lower translation costs 
  • Innovative solutions for your localization tasks 
  • Rapid time to market 
  • Software solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your company 

Our services

  • Workflow automation regardless of volume 
  • Custom solutions for optimizing interfaces 
  • Reduced data handling 
  • AI-driven language processing workflows 
    • Text-to-speech 
    • Speech-to-text 
    • Cleanup of translation memory data 
    • Terminology management

Faster translations using MT

Learn more about machine translation and post-editing here:


We integrate your systems

Optimize your customer journey today.

Find out more about the digital ecosystem from itl.


Terminology management

Terminology management: one company, one brand, one voice

At itl, we’re delighted at how corporate terminology work and appreciation of it continues to grow. Just take a look at the increasing number of companies who have established professional terminology management. They have understood that terms must be formalized right from the start and defined as a standard in their corporate language so that the positive impact of consistent terminology can bear fruit: the number of feedback loops is reduced, content is ready for publication more quickly, and ultimately, users and readers are happy because they don’t have to wonder why different terms are used for one and the same thing. 

We’re here to help you get started with terminology management, clean up and maintain existing content, or integrate your terminology in new tools and systems. And with our training courses and workshops, we can expand your knowledge of what professional terminology management really means.

Our services

  • Consulting services to help you get started with terminology management 
  • Development of a style guide for creating terminology in source and target languages 
  • Cleanup and maintenance of existing terminology 
  • Creation of customized terminology databases 
  • Development of multilingual terminology 
  • Integration of terminology databases in content management systems 
  • Custom workshops to optimize your terminology workflows 
  • Consulting workshop on workflows and cost-benefit analysis 
  • Consulting services to help you select and deploy your terminology solutions 
  • Terminology hosting 

The benefits for you

  • Consistent corporate terminology as part of your brand identity 
  • Professional terminology management to boost the quality of your content while reducing the cost 
  • Rapid time to market 
  • A sustainable, seamless content supply chain from content creation to the end user

Learn more here about [i]-match, the itl language management platform (in German):


Terminology in translations

If you want professional terminology management, we’re here to help. With itl at your side, you can build the perfect solution for your needs.


Localization engineering

Our data wizards can master any data format

Translation is a highly technical business. That’s why it needs engineers with a deep understanding of the mechanics of translation software solutions, and who can update and maintain these tools and stay current with the latest developments. That’s why technologists have always been an integral part of our translation team. Now known as the Localization Engineering & Machine Translation team, they make a real difference. Multiple different input formats from the most diverse systems and software, as well as new tools and technologies ... No matter what the challenge, our language experts never lose their cool. In fact, they love crafting brand new solutions. And of course, our itl software developers are always on hand with great ideas too.

You can count on us to solve any problem in your translation workflow. You can rely on our Localization Engineering & Machine Translation team to seamlessly manage your localization projects, for example using machine translation or AI. We prepare all file formats to suit your system and support you during data migration.

The benefits for you

  • Seamless translation workflows for all standard file formats 
  • Technical infrastructure for all translation workflows using state-of-the-art technology 
  • Implementation of the latest research and development insights in language technology 

Our services

  • File preparation for streamlined translation workflows 
  • Post-processing of translated files in the target language 
  • Optimum leveraging of translation memory systems 
  • Machine translation: consulting services, training, and workflows 
  • AI for text and voice analyses 

Faster and more cost-efficient translations with machine translation

Learn more about machine translation and post-editing here:


Translation memory

Our team will help you build translation memory databases so that you can leverage the data treasure that’s buried in your legacy translation content.



Translation and desktop publishing for international content: beauty is not just skin deep

Formatting multilingual documents in a standardized layout for international use isn’t as easy as you might think. Usually, the master layout doesn’t take the specific features of different languages into consideration but provides a layout that has been created solely with the source text in mind. It’s only after translation, when the Chinese text turns out to be much shorter and the Russian text much longer than the original, that the esthetic design that your media team so carefully created to match your CI and CD unravels. Professional desktop publishing for international print and online publications ensures that the perfect look is preserved for your documents in all languages.

We are happy to take care of translations for your international texts in all standard file formats and any language. And we deliver your files print-ready to meet your specifications too.
If requested, we are also happy to align directly with your printing company to help streamline prepress activities. 

Our services: Layout adaptation after translation

  • Consideration of the specific features of each language during layout 
    • Consideration of text flow, graphics, typography, and hyphenation in the target languages 
  • Adaptation of the layout of target languages to match source documents (also the same number of pages if required) 
  • Editing in all standard file formats such as 
    • MS Office suite 
    • Adobe suite 
    • etc. 
  • Formal DTP review for quality control 
  • Organization of all prepress activities 
  • If requested, we can reach out to and align with your printing company

Enhanced publishing services

  • Conversion for system or tool migration 
  • OCR/ICR scanning of legacy data 
  • Content creation 
  • Creation of print templates, postscript files, and composite PDFs 
  • Preparation of content for cross-media publishing, database publishing, and translations using CAT tools 
  • Creation of online help 
  • Resizing UI elements such as dialogs and buttons 

The benefits for you

  • One-stop shop for print and online content in multiple languages 
  • Print-ready content in the same file format as the original source file 
  • Direct communication between itl and your printing company during prepress activities means less work for you 

Professional marketing translations

We provide professional and creative marketing copy by skilled, specialist translators who are experts in transcreation.


Technical documentation

Text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. Your budget is our benchmark. Quality is our commitment.


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