Cloud developments make all the difference

There is a vast difference between applications developed specifically for operation in the cloud and server-based applications. They are like chalk and cheese. It is also important to understand that cloud native applications are not the same as applications that are simply uploaded to the cloud and run from there. You can do this, but then all the benefits for the user are lost. Only genuine cloud applications offer real flexibility. Functionally, they can be adapted very quickly to meet new requirements, they are scalable and can grow with your company, and they also offer secure operation in the event of issues with your IT infrastructure.

The itl digital ecosystem

Perfect for your workflows, your content, and your products

You may not believe it, but there is such a thing as the perfect content supply chain. When it is achieved, workflows, tasks and actions are tightly automated and integrated, reducing the time to market for your products and the cost of your content, while boosting content quality. This is possible by bringing everybody involved in creating, localizing, distributing, and managing content together as members of the content family: suppliers, partners, and customers. Clever solutions that bridge the gap between the various content systems are then all you need for the perfect content supply chain.

We plan and structure your content supply chain using cloud native applications, cloud native infrastructure, and AI applications from our ecosystem, leveraging innovation to take you to the next level of digitalization and workflow optimization. 

The benefits for you

  • Real savings when it comes to creating, localizing, distributing, and managing your content 
  • An agile approach to reduce the time to market for content and products 
  • Superior content quality and greater market visibility 
  • Successful implementation of a consistent international corporate language 

Our services

  • Guidance to help you plan and implement content supply chain solutions as well as devise a corresponding strategy 
  • Support with the rollout of your corporate language 
  • Proposal for scalable end-to-end solutions for a content supply chain with our partners 
  • Delivery of connectable components for the content supply chain, for example: 
    • Connectors for an automated flow of data 
    • AI-driven cleanup of translation memories based on freely configurable criteria 
    • AI-driven preparation of translation memories to train customer or domain-specific machine translation engines 
    • Infrastructure for multilingual botsystems

Be part of the innovation culture of itl, our partners, and our customers. With our solutions, we start where you are and support you on the journey to the next level of digitalization and workflow optimization.


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Presentation on the content supply chain (in German)

Find out everything you need to know about optimizing the content supply chain in a tekom presentation by Bastian Heilemann.


[i]-match: the itl language management platform

Corporate design is an essential part of corporate identity for any company. And with good reason. In addition to colors, shapes, and fonts, corporate wording is also an integral part of CI. However, terminology has a problem. If different teams maintain terminology at all, it usually consists of separate standalone lists of allowed terms and phrases. Consistent corporate wording doesn’t stand a chance. Luckily, [i]-match can solve the problem: our language management platform stores all your approved terms, sentences, and style guides. All your staff can access the language content. From anywhere in the world. Because [i]-match is in the cloud. Meaning no extra work for your IT team. They will thank you. And you’ll thank us too.

The [i]-match language management platform is available as a cloud native application. For the first time, consistent corporate wording is possible throughout your company. The application can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure and scaled to suit customer requirements. 

Our services

  • [i]-match is provided as a cloud native SaaS application 
  • Hosting of the application on secure servers 
  • Configuration of the database 
  • Fail-safe operation thanks to scheduled downtimes 

The benefits for you

  • Consistent, concept-oriented, technical terminology available across your company 
  • Maintenance of standard concept-oriented sentences in multiple languages 
  • Comprehensive options for creating metadata 
  • Structured storage and rapid term retrieval, across your company, on the web, and worldwide 
  • Available right at the start of content creation, shortens the workflow 
  • Control of workflows for terminology and for approval of the source and target languages 
  • Flexible validation of documents with high-speed real-time searches or batch checks for individual pages or entire documents, even if there are millions of data records 
Terminology management with [i]-match

Learn more here about [i]‑match, the itl language management platform (German):


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