[i]-frame FrameScript

[i]-frame – when FrameMaker "out of the box" is just not enough!

We'll open our box of tricks for you: the best FrameMaker scripts packed into coordinated modules so that you get what you want more quickly.

For over 20 years now, we have been optimising our FrameMaker-based processes by means of functional add-ons and automation that are not available in FrameMaker itself.

Our [i]-frame solution offers an extensive FrameScript collection that makes working and creating documents in FrameMaker easier.

The scripts use the Framescript/Elmscript plug-in, which is available for a fee. Further information about the plug-in can be found here.

The ExtendScript script language is integrated into FrameMaker. itl also supports you in the development of ExtendScript scripts. However, our previous analyses have shown that FrameScript scripts are not portable to ExtendScript. Therefore, to be able to cover the numerous use cases with [i]-frame, purchasing the fee-based FrameScript/ElmScript plug-in is still justified.

If you have further questions about the differences between ExtendScript and FrameScript/ElmScript, please contact us.

  • Automation of manual activities
  • Effective foreign-language publishing
  • Complex tasks performed more quickly

The most important scripts for quicker, easier work with FrameMaker packed into four modules – with itl's [i]-frame solution.

Benefits of [i]-frame

  • Assistance with everyday documentation tasks
  • Document clean-up functions
  • Quality assurance with the help of review routines
  • Development and management of templates and variables
  • Creation of foreign-language documents

The [i]-frame modules

  • [i]-frame Base Pack
  • [i]-frame Quality Pack
  • [i]-frame Extended Pack
  • [i]-frame Translation Pack

Each script of the previous [i]-frame packages is also available separately. Please refer to the 
[i]-frame user manual for detailed information.

Would you like to learn more about itl's FrameScripts?

Benefit from our expertise. We have been developing solutions based on FrameScript for many years now that improve document creation, review and publishing processes with FrameMaker and make them more efficient. [i]-frame offers an extensive collection of scripts. We would be happy to develop script solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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