Your guide to the most important laws, EU directives, and standards (in German)

What can I expect from the new itl standards guide?

  • An overview of the top 16 standards, such as 82079‑1, 20607 and 9241, including the most important aspects in each case.
  • Background information on the standards, directives, and corresponding guides.
  • An explanation as to why the selected standards were included in the TOP 16 is also provided as well as information on those standards that were left out.
  • There is also an overview of the most important signal words for safety information (danger, warning, caution, important, and notice) in 40 different languages.

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What our readers have to say

  • "The standards guide is fantastic. I can hardly think of anything to improve it."
  • "Thank you so much to Dieter Gust for putting this together (Greetings from Graz!)!"
  • "Yep, all I can say is: thank you very much, incredibly valuable :-))"
  • "A great compendium. Fantastic work. Thank you."
  • "A solid foundation, thank you for all the hard work."
  • "Thank you to itl and to Dieter Gust for all your hard work in compiling this information! The standards guide is excellent and hugely important, I consult it myself far too rarely though! All the standards could be discussed in a little more detail, one or two additional pages. But that would probably overlap with your seminar."
  • "I find the essential work carried out by itl in terms of technology (software, methods), training, and the technical documentation environment outstanding."
  • "In our Technical Documentation team, we usually only consult standards when these are required, e.g., for tenders. After taking a closer look, it looks like our daily work in technical documentation is usually 'approximately' what the standards require."
  • "Your standards guide is simply super, a great compendium of the standards, etc., that I would otherwise have to put together myself. That would be a lot of effort. Many thanks to the authors for their great work!"
  • "A solid introduction to the standards – short and sweet with numerous links – excellent job. Additional information (e.g., references to your blog, etc.) rounds the guide off."
  • "You have created a solid and comprehensive reference work! Beginners and documentation experts alike can use it to get their bearings. What's more, it also discusses many other interesting and detailed aspects of daily work and design planning. Research on supplementary requirements (e.g., for specific products) can and must be conducted by each of us individually anyway. Compliments to the team!"