Is it worth using machine translation? Reach a quicker decision with MT-FAKTOR®

Many companies are asking whether it makes sense to use machine translation. The language service provider itl has developed an analytical method that provides a quick answer: MT-FAKTOR®. This indicates whether machine translation of a document will help to save time and costs.

Machine translation: yes or no? To answer this question, which is one frequently asked by their customers, itl’s localisation engineers developed MT‑FAKTOR® (Machine Translation Factor). This analytical method indicates which documents will benefit from machine translation and post-editing.

MT-FAKTOR® provides information on the average match between a machine translation and an existing human translation of the same document. If the factor is above a specific threshold value, the cost of reviewing (post-editing) the machine translation is lower than having the document translated from scratch. Based on this factor, it is possible to forecast the suitability of future documents for machine translation.

Carina Mayr, Director of the Translation Department, says of MT-FAKTOR®: “In principle, I can have any document machine translated. But MT-FAKTOR® helps me to see the extent to which the result will fall short of my expectations in terms of language, style or terminology – on the basis of existing tools and without the need for a large-scale study.”

MT-FAKTOR® thus enables you to prescribe machine translation (MT) for certain document or project types and exclude it for others. MT-FAKTOR® also helps you to choose the machine translation engine offering the best quality for a particular company.

At itl AG they are convinced that MT-FAKTOR® is a valuable decision-making tool for their customers, which is why they applied for trademark protection for it. MT‑FAKTOR® was registered as a trademark by the European Patent Office in October 2019.

Not only can itl AG ascertain whether its customers will benefit from machine translation; if it is found that they will, the company can also produce a high-quality, post-edited machine translation for them. itl AG has been certified to ISO 18587:2018, which covers all the requirements to be met by machine translation and post-editing, since June 2019. And it was one of the very first language service providers to receive this certification. With machine translation and post-editing as well, customers can count on getting the same service and quality they would expect from itl for a human translation.

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