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Small enough to have flat hierarchies and respond quickly and with flexibility, yet large enough to have in-house specialists for all areas: itl, your full-service provider and an experienced, reliable partner, is ready to support you with help and advice in all aspects of technical communication.

With around 120 employees and a global network of freelancers and partners, we can work with you from our headquarters in Munich and from subsidiaries and branch offices in Stuttgart, Beckum, Vienna, Kreuzlingen and Brașov.

Benefit from our ISO 9001 quality management system and our standard-compliant translation services in accordance with ISO 17100 and ISO 18587.

Meet the challenges of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, with modern information lifecycle management. We take a holistic view of your processes – from the conceptualisation stage to the creation, translation, publication and supply of your technical documentation. And you benefit from the resulting synergies.

For an end-to-end flow of information with clearly defined interfaces throughout all stages of the information lifecycle, we offer you products and process solutions that bring even greater efficiency to your process as a whole.

We are happy to pass on our specialist knowledge about technical documentation and translation – expertise that we have accumulated in the course of 35 years: in training courses, seminars and workshops, and at free evening events and roadshows.


Translations into any language. In any format. Using any established TM tool.

35 years of experience of translating technical documents: We offer technical translations into any language by expert translators who are native speakers, and we use all the established translation memory systems.

Would you like to entrust your urgent ad hoc translations or a large multilingual project to a reliable team of experts who will provide you with high-quality translations in the desired target languages and stick to the agreed deadlines? Would you like to optimise your translation processes by using a translation memory system and integrate them as best as possible into your document creation processes? Would you like to localise your website? And would you like to use consistent terminology throughout your company and present a consistent face in your external communications?

Then take advantage of our translation experience, and make it a key factor in your success. We'll be happy to help with your translation and localisation projects.

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Technical documentation

Documentation in compliance with standards and directives. Conventional or visual.

35 years of experience in technical documentation: Our itl writers, information designers, proofreaders and graphic designers help you to optimise your operating, repair and maintenance manuals, etc. – in other words, all kinds of technical documentation – at the level of your processes as well as the actual content.

Would you like your manuals to comply with standards and directives and be clear and easy to understand? Would you like to exploit the benefits of new media and reduce translation costs with visual – and thus language-neutral – documentation? Would you like help with parts of the process or, alternatively, to put the entire document creation process in the hands of professionals?

Then take advantage of our documentation experience, and make it a key factor in your success. We'll be happy to help you.

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Consulting in technical documentation and translation. Knowledgeable and practical.

35 years of providing consulting expertise: Our documentation and translation experts provide comprehensive consulting, covering all the various aspects of technical documentation and translation.

Would you like help to select a suitable content management system or translation memory system? Would you like to have a professional at your side when introducing a terminology management system? Would you like to get an expert opinion on your technical documentation processes? Or maybe you're planning to use new media with a single-source concept?

Then take advantage of our consulting experience, and make it a key factor in your success. We'll be happy to share our expertise in process consulting and our system know-how with you.

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Software & Solutions

Software development at itl

Our greatest strength is the interdisciplinary exchange between our cloud developers and product owners and our usability experts, technical writers, translation experts and terminology consultants. itl is a true power house in the area of content and all related aspects.

Highest quality, technical excellence and practical expertise are our standards – complex software systems are our specialty. Whether it's new individual software or the transfer of (old) systems into a modern, future-proof software architecture – your software will be customized, functional and developable. Our own cloud platforms [i]-flow and [i]-match are also constantly being developed and can be adapted to your needs.

We'll be happy to help you.

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Research and development

Identifying customers' requirements in advance. Putting insights into practice.

Documentation with foresight: We are one of the leading full-service providers for technical documentation. We work out what your requirements will be tomorrow – and put everything into practice today.

Would you like your technical documentation to be constantly up to date and to learn about new trends in documentation in advance?
Would you like to continually improve all aspects of your technical documentation – in terms of resources, deadlines, cost and quality?
And would you like to benefit from our innovative documentation design ideas – for clear, user-friendly, process-oriented documentation?

Take advantage of our research and development experience, and make it a key factor in your success.

We'll be happy to help you.

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Seminars. Workshops. Free events. Focusing on all aspects of technical documentation and translation.

35 years of experience in training: At the itl Academy, we offer comprehensive seminars and workshops on both general and specific topics as well as free training events.

Would you like to learn more about aspects of current or general interest in the field of technical communication and deepen your knowledge? Would you like us to pass on some of the expertise we have accumulated over many years, either at your premises or ours? Or maybe you'd like to come to a free evening event and talk to our experts and others in a convivial atmosphere?

Take advantage of our training experience, and make it a key factor in your success.

Together with you, we can come up with a further training package to suit your specific needs.

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itl product and process solutions for you

[i]-match is the intelligent authoring system and terminology solution from itl: terminology and sentence consistency through error-tolerant searching, match acceptance and a terminology and sentence database.

Efficient and transparent: The internal itl [i]-flow translation management system reduces project management outlay and controls the flow of data.

The [i]-gate web portal allows all involved in the process to generate, track and manage orders. Everyone involved gets a role-based view of the projects: the customers, those working on the projects and the administrators.

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